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All great things start small

We want to emphasize the importance of the word ‘And’ for us. ‘And’ is a small word with great power. ‘And’ doesn’t stop with ‘good’, or ‘good enough’, or even ‘great’. ‘And’ keeps going. ‘And’ pushes forward. ‘And’ always ends with three dots instead of one. When others give up, ‘And’ offers hope. When others say they’ve done enough, ‘And’ says, “There’s room for more: for one more word, for one more syllable. For one more column. For one more litre. For one more farmer. For one more family. For one more smile.” ‘And’... it’s what keeps us going.

Our services include all types of:

Glass colouring, Printing, 3D Printing, Laminating doors, all Hardware items, Paints, Plywood, and Wooden things.

We have various experienced Glass designers, Glass Printing designers, PVC and Wooden doors designers, and Wooden work instructors, each with different areas of expertise. We have a same-day or next-day service policy where servicing requests are usually completed within one hour of the arrival of our customer service personnel.

Our Vision

Ambika(we) will be:

● An established business having a trustworthy customer base.
● Customer Responsive that believes in striving at all times to collaborate with clients in providing solutions for their needs.
● A forerunner in the marketplace in terms of profitability, productivity, and efficiency.
● Engaging with all our stakeholders and delivering sustainable and compliant returns.

Direct Connect

Discover how we are driving value for our global customers. Ambika Services provides extensive consistent global and local management, and support, through our network of direct sales and support channels.

We believe in giving maximum satisfaction to our customers by building a unique value beyond their expectations and strive towards “confidence, comfortability, and convenience.”